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Obsidian is a volcanic glass which is hard, smooth, and nonporous.Try several different types of squeezes, including quick flutter holds and long holds.

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Some ben wa balls are stringless but the most popular choices these days are mostly ben wa balls attached by a string like the ones shown to the left.Ben Wa balls are also known as vaginal balls and are used for sexual stimulation because IDK, teasing is fun sometimes and Christian is really into teasing.

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To use ben wa balls, lie on a bed or a couch, and insert one ben wa ball into your vagina.

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They are available as small marble sized balls and also as slightly bigger balls, ranging in about two or more inches in the.

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When it comes to inserting, it is rather straight forward, but the following is a simple guide.Ben Wa Balls are pleasure balls, usually metal or silicone, with weights inside which move round with motion.Ben wa balls are usually crafted from metal, some more unique versions, such as duotone balls are actually made of plastic on the outside and contain the metal balls on the inside.Try squeezing your PC muscles to hold the ball inside for several minutes.

This, in turn, tones your vaginal muscles and strengthens your vagina, which improves the overall tightness of your vagina.Kegel balls, known traditionally as Ben Wa balls, can help you tighten and tone your V.Kegel exercise balls are used to help with kegels, a type of exercise that helps to strengthen the pelvic muscles in both men and women although the primary use of the exercise are done by women.